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I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Samhain!


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Drawing this card signifies that there is a previous wrong that needs to be rectified. Whatever the current situation is and whatever the outcome, it will be just for the person involved with it. This card symbolizes justice, fairness, good intentions, the ability to distinguish between good and evil and to avoid temptation, righteousness, the ability to see all sides of a situation before coming to a decision, harmony, and balance. The person this card is drawn for is someone who doesn’t take advantage of others or of a situation and is also considerate of others.


Reversed, this card stands for bigotry, false accusations, intolerance, judgements that are too severe, and bias.

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This past weekend I went to my first ever Witches’ Ball. It was on the east side of the state and I was a bit nervous simply because of the pagan people I know on my side of the state, only my friend and I were going. Uncertain of how to dress, I packed a goth/ren looking black dress  (I guess the website calls it gypsy boho, whatever lol) and my orange and white striped happy Halloween socks. Can’t go wrong with a laces up the front black dress with dangly sleeves, right? There was a Witches’ Bazaar before the ball and we wandered through that. I found a gauzey black witch hat with a black lace veil, purple trim, and cute little bats on it. Totally me. I wore it to the ball.

Anyway, to the good stuff. We got to the ball right on time and were among the first bunch of people to arrive. I immediately picked a table all the way at the back of the very large room that was unoccupied. I wanted a good spot to people watch. After a while, a few people came and sat with us and we struck up a conversation. Then a few more people, and then a few more until our table was full. We chatted with our tablemates and watched the costumes around us. A lot of people were dressed in suits and nice dresses. A few other women had pointy hats similar to mine. The theme of the ball was ‘It’s the End of the World As We Know It’ and some people came dressed as people from the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil, if you don’t know) and there was a really cool trio dressed as characters from the Borderlands 2 video game. There were also scientists and people in gas masks and camouflaged tarps. It was pretty cool to see the things people came up with for the theme.

I’m not much of a dancer, so we sat and chatted and people watched for a decent amount of time. I tried drinking from the open bar, but they kept putting citrus juices in my drinks and I don’t do citrus. (I have GERD) Anyway, a little bit into the ball, I noticed people running up in larger numbers than usual and joining hands. I realized a spiral dance was beginning and I ran up to join. I’ve never been able to participate in a spiral dance because the pagans on my side of the state tend to hide themselves and I don’t really know many. It was so awesome! I don’t really have words to describe it fully. It was joy. After that I was bit energized and more bold and went back up a little later to be taught the Hustle. lol

I’ve never been in a room with so many pagans before. There were 500 tickets to the ball and it was sold out. Everyone was friendly, there was an altar openly set up at the front of the room, I saw the largest pentacles I’ve ever seen on people, and the DJ made sure to play pagan music as well as non. For me, there was a feeling of profound relaxation. Here, in this room, were people that believed like I did. There was even an honoring of the Pagan of the Year, a man whose work had impacted his community. How cool!

Now, I’ve been ‘out of the broom closet’ for quite a few years now, but there’s not a lot of people around here that I know are pagan.Of the few that I do know, some of them are still not openly pagan (which is fine) so open discourse can be difficult. It wasn’t until I felt myself relax at the ball that I realized how much I was affected by being a pagan in a very nonpagan world. It was wonderful to be in a place surrounded by people where I knew my religious beliefs wouldn’t be attacked and, even better, where they were shared!

If you’re a solitary, I highly recommend finding a pagan event near you (mine was a three hour drive, lol) and going. Even if it’s just once.

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This card indicates turmoil or vengeance, but it also indicates that trouble or adversity may have already been overcome. There is conflicting influence and perhaps you are rushing into a decision. You must pay close attention to the little details and there is an urgency to gain control of your emotions. There is a need for supervision even as you are riding the crest of popularity and success. There is conquest, however this card also means escape. You could be fleeing from reality.


Reversed, this card indicates defeat or failure. You were/are unsuccessful. At the last minute what was just in your grasp has been lost. There was a failure to face reality.

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Drawing this card can mean the obvious: the possible beginning of a romance or an infatuation. It can also represent the overcoming of trials, confidence, trust, and a tendency towards optimism. The person this card is drawn for could be deeply involved in the emotions or problems of another person like a friend or relative.


Reversed, this card means there was a failure to meet the test. There is fickleness, unreliability, inability to trust, and frustration in love or marriage.

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At this time of year, the clove gets used a lot in cooking. Like many, many other herbs in your spice cupboard, clove has magical properties as well as culinary.

The clove is also known as Syzygium aromaticum and the part of the plant that we utilize is actually a dried flower bud.



Clove’s magical powers involve love, protection, exorcism, and money.

Burning clove as an incense will drive away negative/hostile forces and purify an area as well as attract wealth, stop people from gossiping about you, and raise spiritual vibrations.

Carrying or wearing cloves (i.e. clove oil) will attract the opposite sex and can comfort the grieving.

Have you ever used clove in magical workings?

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As the definition of hierophant alludes, this card represents a spiritual leader, mysticism, and ritualism. Drawing this card means that you have mercy, kindness, patience, compassion, and servitude. It also means you are overly reserved, timid, and incapable of adapting to new circumstances or changes in life. You are a captive to your own ideas. There is also a deep and sincere appreciation for history and past heritage.


Reversed, this card indicates foolish overkindness and too much generosity. You are susceptible to others and vulnerable.

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