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I do grow my own medicinal herbs, but I have a confession… I usually forget to harvest them or ‘use’ them in any way. I always get so wrapped up in the pleasure of growing and interacting with them that I end up not harvesting them. This is especially true once the bees and hummingbirds have found them. I love to just watch the animals interact with the plants and watch the plants just ‘be.’ So, I tend to miss the peak harvest time due to daydreaming and wind up just trimming them back as part of normal maintenance and then buying dried lavender at the health food store.

I have lovely yarrow (the Queens of my east bed), lavender, catmint, echinacea, sage, and wormwood. If you grow your own medicinal plants, what do you like to grow? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to grow medicinal plants but didn’t know which ones to try. This article over at Mother Earth Living is a great place to start.

Now that Spring has sprung, what plans do you have for your garden beds or flower pots?


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