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Everyone should read this post. It is well written and well worth the few minutes of your time.The author (Hanne Blank) has written with regard to women and how there is more than one ‘real’ when it comes to women. We’ve all heard things like, ‘real women have curves’ and this is the first example she uses. She makes her case that ‘real’ women do and do NOT have curves. ‘Real’ women are more than just one thing.

I would simply like to say that what she has written can be applied to almost every group that has been singled out and set aside and told they’re not good enough. There is no one way of being. Every single person in this universe is unique and beautiful. I’m not even going to say ‘beautiful in their own way’ because that implies something is still ‘wrong’ with them. There is nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with you. Don’t let the media, bullies (sometimes the first two are one and the same), that voice inside your head, or anything (or anyone) else tell you otherwise because it’s lying. I am beautiful (worthy, intelligent, funny, whatever adjective you want to put in here) and SO ARE YOU. We ALL have value just as we are.


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So, just a reminder for this coming holiday weekend, don’t leave your pets (or kids) in the car if it’s 70* or warmer!



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Since Spring is finally showing up in Michigan, I thought I’d talk about the symbolism of the robin as an animal totem. For a lot of people robins are the heralds of Spring (never mind that not all of them migrate and that a good number of them overwinter in Michigan). For this reason, robins are symbols of new growth. If a robin has decided to become your animal guide, you can be assured that there will be new growth galore in many different aspects of your life.

Robins rarely get into physical fights with one another over territory or mates. Instead, they have a ‘sing off’, if you will, with both males singing at each other like crazy. This can be significant for someone with the robin as a guide. It can mean that it’s time for you to sing a song of your own with gusto or perhaps to ‘march’ to your own beat. This is how you will achieve new growth. Anything that stands in your way is more for show than danger, so press on!

The robin’s egg, with it’s powder blue color, represents your ability to assert your will to create and spark new growth in your life. If a robin comes into your life, it’s there to help guide you to this new growth.

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Artist is Pineaux


Hope everyone has an enjoyable Beltane eve and Beltane!

Also, take advantage of free herbal knowledge for Herb Day, May 4th!


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