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Drawing this card means there are bright prospects or a promising opportunity ahead. This is a good omen filled with optimism and hope. It also could mean that there are astrological influences at work here. Your hard work and energy will soon show results and you will be fulfilled and satisfied.

Reversed, this card stands for bad luck and pessimism. You will be unfulfilledĀ  and imbalanced. There may be an ending to an unsatisfactory business situation or a friendship. There is stubbornness and lack of opportunity.


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As one might guess from the picture, drawing this card means abrupt, sudden change. Old beliefs are broken, friendships are ended, past relationships are lost. There is misery and deception. Trust is destroyed, stability is lost, havoc and ruin come into your life. However, even in spite of all of these dire meanings, the Tower card can also represent breaking through into new areas and the potential for favorable opportunities. Change doesn’t always have to be bad.

Reversed, this card represents being stuck in a rut, the inability to make any kind of meaningful change, and continued oppression.

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