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I’ve been having a ‘situation’ at work with a fellow employee that I would describe as hostile. No matter how polite I am, this coworker sends out extremely negative energy towards me and refuses to speak to me. Even when directly spoken to this person refuses to respond. I’ve tried carrying stones and herbs to only slight effect. So, as a means of getting through my work day, I began to cast a protective spell, the gist of which was to reflect all negative energy from me and back to the sender. It sort of worked. I would feel a little better by the end of my shift, but the hostility from the other person seemed to be escalating. Finally, one day before work as I was doing my usual protective spell (how awful is it to feel so threatened at work that you need to cast a spell of protection around yourself?), I just changed it ever so slightly. Instead of reflecting negativity back at whoever sent it my way (I never specifically thought of this person in my spell, just all negativity), I had it be ‘neutralized.’ I envisioned positive energy counteracting the negative energy and it just being neutralized like an acid and a base.

Wow, did that make a difference. That was the best day I had at work since this person started working there. It has been 2 (maybe 3?) weeks since I did that and not only have I not felt the need to protect myself at work (though I still do), this person has actually spoken to me and offered me assistance. HUGE turnaround. I have always cast reflective protective spells before because that was what I was taught. I think I’ll be using neutralizing ones, instead from now on.

What kinds of protective spells do you use?


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