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So, this is basically what it looks like right now outside my window (not a pic outside my window, but of an area nearby)



And this is what my state looks like right now. I guess it’s fortuitous that we’re shaped like a mitten.



The weather we’ve been having is abnormally cold (we had -30* temperatures just last week) and has been for over a month. This got me wondering about how trees overwinter. We all know they do, obviously, but how exactly do they do it? I can stay in my warm, heated house when the weather is bad, but trees are right out in the thick of it. This video shows the two major mechanisms trees have developed to survive in pretty much any weather.




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For my very first reader request, I will be discussing some simple ways to use crystals and stones. From here on out, I will simply use the word ‘stones’ to mean both stones and crystals. I just don’t want to write ‘stones/crystals’ through the whole thing. I think that would drive us all crazy.

There are many different ways to use stones in magical work and this discussion will in no way cover them all. Rather, I would like to discuss the simplest ways to use them to provide a base for people new to stone work to build upon. As with all magical workings, if you are inspired to do something differently, go for it! The more you make it your own, the better it will work for you.

Also, it is my recommendation that you always work with a freshly cleansed stone. I like the 3 days in sea salt way of cleansing, but if you need a stone right away, you can cleanse it through incense or sage smoke or over a candle flame. Even the act of running water over it will cleanse it.

Meditating with a stone is the simplest, I think and personally, I like this method the best. Place the stone you have chosen in front of you. Look at the stone, align yourself with the stone, think about the properties of the stone. Allow your mind to slip into the meditative state as you work with the stone. If your eyes close, that’s alright, just keep yourself gently focused on the stone. So, for example if your stone is selenite, as you gaze at it focus on the stone’s properties of reconciliation and energy. Think of its association with water and the moon. Once you are comfortable with the presence of those properties in your mind, gently expand your thoughts towards how those properties might be used by you. Have you recently quarreled with someone and need a spirit of reconciliation? Are you tired and drained of energy and need a boost? Are you in need of getting better in touch with your subconscious (via the element water) or perhaps you are out of balance and need to slip back into the rhythm of life (via the moon and its cycle). Once you have determined how you wish to use the properties of the stone, visualize. In this example if you chose mending a quarrel, visualize yourself and the person(s) involved shaking hands, hugging, or other ways of putting aside your differences and coming to an accord. After you have meditated on that for as long as you feel necessary, let yourself slowly come back to the present. Drift back up through the layers of calm from the meditation. Once you are wholly present, thank the stone and set it to be cleansed.

You can also hold the stone instead of setting it in front of you to gaze at.

Another way to meditate is with a candle and the stone. Some people enjoy watching the flicker of candlelight over a stone’s surface. With crystals, you can actually watch the flicker through the body of the crystal, itself. If you have a lot of small stones, you can make a ring around the base of a candle. Meditate as described above.

To benefit from the healing properties of a stone, align yourself with it as you would above for meditation. Once you are in tune with the stone, you can either continue to meditate as above or you can place the stone on or near the body part in need of healing. Focus your energies on seeing yourself free of the illness rather than focusing on the illness itself. Visualize yourself whole and healthy doing activities that this illness may be preventing you from doing. Once you are finished visualizing, be certain to thank the stone and set it aside for cleansing. Do not use this one for healing again until you have cleansed it.

To remove emotional ‘baggage’ from yourself, I find pouring your negative emotions into a stone to be helpful. This can be done with an amethyst specifically or with a stone you find on a walk outside. Take the stone in your projective hand (for most people this is the hand you write with). Take the negativity that is bothering you and let it pour from you and into the stone. Don’t stop until you have emptied yourself of all of it. Once finished, throw the stone as far from you as you can and never retrieve it. It will take that negativity you have poured into it and neutralize it over time, allowing it to dissipate and be gone.

As I mentioned above, this is a very simple list of ways to use stones. I like to keep things simple. The more complex it is, the more intimidating magic work can seem and the more supplies you need (which costs money that may not always be readily available). Also, if you keep it simple to start with, you can always add to it to make it your own. I hope this has been helpful to those of you who might not know where to start with working with stones. I hope it inspires you to come up with ways of your own to use stones.

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