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I have been regularly visiting a therapist this past year and have come to discover that I am more empathic than I ever thought I was. I am easily affected by the emotions of others and I have noticed that I can also affect the mood of the room. I find myself exhausted regularly after even the smallest of interactions with people and my therapist help me realize that I have trouble with other people’s emotions/feelings clinging to me long after the interaction is over.

I’ve never tried to shield myself regularly, only in very specific situations, but I’m learning that I need to have some kind of shielding around me. I’ve also learned that I don’t always have to use the exhausting shields I’ve been using, those that are rigid, but rather try using more fluid types of shields, instead.

This article¬†was a very timely find for me and has gotten me thinking about daily things I can do so that I’m not so overwhelmed and tired.

I’d love advice or book suggestions. What do you do to shield yourself or to deal with overwhelming emotions?


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