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I found both of these info graphics on the internet and thought I would share them with you. They’re a handy little reference for dates. I’m in the Northern hemisphere and I have February 2nd for Imbolc, though. Looks like it’s probably correct for Lammas in the Southern hemisphere.



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Every year on Samhain, I light a candle for my departed loved ones and to honor my ancestors. I don’t do anything fancy or ceremonious. I keep things simple. I find that for most rituals, simple is the best for me.

This year was no different. Before the trick or treaters came, I spent some quiet time at my altar, invoking the spirit of the season and lighting candles, communing with the Elements and the Goddess and the God. I asked to be open to receiving messages or impressions from departed loved ones. Just like every Samhain, nothing happened.

Now, I have experienced the dead. I have felt and ‘heard’ ghosts numerous times. I have interacted with fae and animal guides and others that I simply have no name for. I’m very sensitive to things the 5 senses don’t pick up. So, why do I never hear from my dead loved ones? Samhain night I almost always sleep like a rock. No dreams. No feelings or impressions.

I have thought about making my Samhain ritual more complicated, adding herbs and crystals to give it extra oomph, but will that really make a difference? Part of me feels like there’s a reason my loved ones don’t communicate with me, but what is it? Maybe it’s because even after all these years, thinking about them makes me cry? Maybe because I have a lot of guilt associated with the two I want to hear from the most? Is it because I’ve never specifically called to them on Samhain? I just leave the invitation open for any of my departed loved ones or ancestors. If that’s the case, though, why has no one ever communicated with me? Or why have I never been able to sense them near me?

Has anyone else experienced this or had different experiences during Samhain?

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Love this post from Sang Rouge Terre Blanc.

Sang Rouge Terre Blanc


October 31st, Eve of All Souls, Samhain, Halloween, Celtic New Year.

We feast on the flesh of third harvest, mourn the collected souls, honour ancestors, commune with our beloved dead.

The veil thinned, Dumb Suppers wait invitingly, totemic Jack O’ Lanterns provide a beacon for those to be let in but also guard against those to be kept out.

The God, after his plunging descent through the earth, sits crowned upon his underworld throne as Dread Lord of Shadows. He is the Grim Reaper, the leader of The Wild Hunt. He is the prank playing, Lord of Mischief. Trick or Treat?

The Goddess, transformed to crone, the Old One. She is Queen of the Underworld, the Dark Earth Mother of Winter, the Wise Old Woman with her dual aspects of midwife and layer-out. As Holda of The Wild Hunt it is she who collects the souls of children, safely ushering them to the otherworld.

A night for recalling the past and divining…

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Happy Samhain!


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There’s a song for every season on her album Circle of the Seasons.

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Samhain is quickly approaching in my part of the world. This is one of my favorite songs for this time of year.

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Just a quick round up of a few things posted to facebook that you may have missed if you don’t follow me on facebook.

From The Hedgewitch Cooks:

Halloween Blessing
Hail to the hordes that ride the sky
This Halloween night when the winds do cry
Dressed in a cloak with horns on his head
The wild king is here and he’s waking the dead
Within the blackness shrouded by clouds
The dark goddess stands surrounded by hounds
For she is the wisdom this pitch night
Looking deep into our souls for she has the sight
The blast of the horn calls forth the dead
The stag lord rides on with eyes glowing red
For to look into his eyes this most dread of nights
He will take our souls with the wild hunt in flight
So avoid his gaze mere mortals in fear
Stay indoors while the witches dance and cheer
For this is a night when all chaos rules
When the world in-between has not time for fools
Our magic we dance and raise the power
To bring healing and light in this most enchanted hour
Our words have meaning our hearts sing a song
Let us sit in the circle and feel the power strong
Let consciousness change with the smell of the smoke
Let us dance the round like the old country folk
Halloweens here the dark lord rules the land
Walking the forest with the goddess in hand
We welcome our dead with the lanterns we light
We sing our songs for the departed this Halloween night

(Here’s her website, if you don’t do facebook)

Some cool celestial events happening tonight and Tuesday night! Check it out!

And a pretty cool do it yourself project for an awesome autumnal conversation piece!

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