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Quartz is a very versatile stone. It is both receptive and projective. It is of the Sun and the Moon, Fire and Water.

It has been used throughout ancient civilizations all over the world. It has been used in the Eleusinian mysteries, Native American rites, in the Renaissance and European magic of the 1800’s, throughout Britain, and in the Yucatan.

Quartz has been used for healing, scrying, protection, divination, enhancing psychic powers, peaceful sleep, lactation, and to amplify magic.

It comes in different colors that correspond to different uses. While receptive and projective stones all share some of the same uses, certain stones work better for certain things, even though they may overlap that use with others.

Clear or White Quartz

This stone is both receptive and projective. It is, perhaps, the most versatile of the colors of quartz. It can be used for healing, legal issues, sleep, prophetic dreams, protection, success, magical and physical energy, gardening, love, peace, compassion, fertility, spirituality,defensive magic, courage, willpower, purification, friendship, psychism, dreams, removing stress, and astral projection.


Blue Quartz

This is a receptive quartz good for peace, removing stress, compassion, love, wisdom, spirituality, psychism, fertility, growth, prosperity, friendship, sleep, dreams, and eloquence.



Green Quartz

Green quartz is a receptive stone that can be used for prosperity spells. Also wear it to stimulate creativity. Just like blue quartz, green quartz is also used for peace, removing stress, compassion, love, wisdom, spirituality, psychism, fertility, growth, friendship, sleep, dreams, and eloquence.



Herkimer Diamonds

These are projective stones. They can be used as a substitute for diamonds in spell work. They are energizing stones and good to use for protection, exorcism, healing, luck, success, intellect, will power, courage, and self confidence.



Rose Quartz

Used for love and to open the heart chakra, this quartz is receptive. Wear it to attract love and use it in magic for peace, fidelity, and happiness. As a receptive stone, it can be used for the same things as blue and green quartz: peace, removing stress, compassion, love, wisdom, spirituality, psychism, fertility, growth, prosperity, friendship, sleep, dreams, and eloquence.



Rutilated Quartz

This is an energy stone, so it is no surprise that it is projective. Wear during rituals or put it on the altar to increase the effectiveness of the ritual. It is also good to use for protection, exorcism, healing, luck, success, intellect, will power, courage, and self confidence.



Smoky Quartz

This is a receptive stone. Use it to ground and protect as well as to get rid of negativity and depression. As a receptive stone, it can also be used for peace, removing stress, compassion, love, wisdom, spirituality, psychism, fertility, growth, prosperity, friendship, sleep, dreams, and eloquence like the other receptive stones above.



Tourmalated Quartz

This is worn to aid in astral projection and is a projective stone. As a projective stone, it can also be used for protection, exorcism, healing, luck, success, intellect, will power, courage, and self confidence.



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Throughout my life, whenever someone has hurt me, I withdraw from that person and at the most opportune time, erase them from my life. This erasure involves not only the memories of that person (bad and good), but also an avoidance of places that have significance to that relationship. It’s very similar in my mind to the way the ancient Egyptians would erase names from monuments to cause that person to no longer exist. I would make the painful things simply no longer exist.

From my mom’s drinking when I was a kid to the humiliation I suffered at my former workplace, I have erased and avoided a lot. It’s probably not the best way to deal with things, but it worked for me for a long time, especially when I was young and had no power. For those who know me, this may or may not come as a shock. I’m pretty outspoken and rarely afraid to stick up for myself or others, but there are some things that are so screwed up from the start that there’s no way fighting is going to change them. So, I don’t. By erasing them, not only do I no longer have to deal with them, but everyone around me thinks everything is fine. The damage is hidden.

Something is different now, though. I’m not sure what. I don’t know if it’s age or some culmination of experiences I’ve had recently, but I decided yesterday that I’m going to reclaim things. Maybe I’ll work on people later, but for now I want to reclaim things as simple as being able to drive a certain route without being anxious because I have to pass a certain place and as complex as reclaiming my confidence in certain areas of my life. It isn’t going to be easy, I know that. Nothing worth having is ever easy. Being damaged by something is always the easy part. Healing from it is what takes work and perseverance and I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s an old injury or a fresh one as to how badly it hurts. Besides, I’ve never been one to let someone else get the better of me, so why start now? No one has the right to cause damage to my psyche and I won’t let them do it anymore.

So, yesterday I drove a certain route that I have avoided for a few years because I go past a place filled with bad experiences. I plan to drive by it again today. I know it seems silly, but it’s a start. It’s a nonthreatening way for me to work back to my confidence in that aspect of my life.

I hope, if you’re in need of encouragement to reclaim something from a bad time in your past (distant or recent), that this can give you some courage to go on your way. You are worth protection. You are worth fighting for. We all are.

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Dionysus (known as Bacchus to the Romans) is the Greek god of wine and revelry, sexuality, and illusion. He was also considered a patron of the theater and a fertility god. He is often depicted as a man with a beard, robed, and carrying a thyrsus ( a fennel staff tipped with a pine cone) or as a young, sensuous, beardless man who is at least partially naked. He always has a retinue of women and satyrs drinking, dancing, and enjoying the pleasures of sex around him. He was thought of as being a protector for those who did not fit in with convention and so symbolized chaos.

Life was a party with Dionysus and he gifted his followers with freedom from self consciousness and the restraints of society through wine, sex, and ecstatic dance. It was believed that by indulging in wine and pleasure, you became one with the god. Religious and sexual ecstasy were one and the same.

His human female followers were called maenads and they often were driven mad by their god. In drunken frenzies, they would rip animals and people alike, limb from limb. The maenads would then feed the dead with blood offerings and Dionysus was their divine connection between the living and the dead. As you can see, there was a dark side to his worship.

Personally, I’ve always thought of the lighter side of Dionysus, the wine, the revelry, and the sex. He offers freedom from what society wants you to be and says it’s ok to be whatever you wish to be. Indeed, his festivals were notorious for being places where political conspiracies were formed. In some ways, he was a god of the revolution. He showed that it was ok to enjoy the pleasures of life.

The darker side of Dionysus shows the dangers of too much indulgence, in my opinion. Too much wine, too much sex, too much partying and you can spin out of control. There’s a dark side to pleasure and you must tread lightly.

Dionysus is a god of pleasure and excess, but he doesn’t invite you to it blindly. He shows you the consequences and lets you decide for yourself if you will follow him into divine madness.

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So, there’s this Special K commercial that shows a woman walking on the beach wearing a sarong type coverup over her bathing suit. A woman’s voice asks, “When is a good time to get rid of the coverup?” (or something along those lines) and then she answers herself, saying, “Whenever you can. Lose up to…blah, blah, blah…Special K diet.” Really? I say lose the coverup whenever you WANT. Diets not included or needed.

Just as the Divine comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, so do we. We’re tall, short, fat, skinny, brown, yellow, white, and so on and there’s nothing wrong with that. Give yourself permission just to ‘be’. Don’t worry about what society, advertising, or that nagging voice in your head has to say.

Have a blessed night secure in the knowledge that you are who you’re meant to be.

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