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In my home state of Michigan, February through April is the time we start to see baby squirrels.  As someone who works in the animal medical field, it is also the time the calls about people finding ‘helpless’ and ‘abandoned’ baby squirrels come in. Most of the time, these squirrels are not abandoned, though some may have legitimately fallen out of trees. Their mothers usually come back to get them and will gather them up and carry them back to the nest. If you have to cut down a tree and discover a nest of baby squirrels in it, follow the guidelines in the infographic below and put them near where the tree was so the mother can find them and take them to a new nesting site.




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Spring has sprung! Ok, well, sort of…mostly…so what if it snowed yesterday and it was below freezing overnight? Spring is mostly here! With spring slowly creeping around the corner and taking its sweet time arriving, the mood to do some sprucing up around the house begins to strike. With that in mind, check out this article from the Humane Society of the United States about how to be mindful of the young creatures that may come into harm’s way during spring cleaning efforts.

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