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I’m having ‘one of those days’ already today (it’s only 8:53 am) and truth be told, I’ve been having ‘one of those days’ this whole week. So, I’ve been putzing around the house, watching the cats enjoy the sunshine on the windowsills and trying to remind myself that life is one big cycle and the bad times don’t last forever. Surfing the different newsfeeds on my facebook page (I have 14 categorized newsfeeds – type A personality, remember?), I came across an article by a local meteorologist that got me thinking.




We’ve had a LOT of flooding the last few weeks and in the article he talks about the impact the flooding has had on Lake Michigan. When it first started raining a few weeks ago, I was pretty happy: a) I love rain and b) the lake levels had dropped quite a bit last year because of the drought we had. Of course, we’ve gotten way too much rain in way too short a period of time, hence the flooding. Anyway, I digress. The article got me thinking about the nature of water and how, thanks to the cycle of evaporation and precipitation, it renews and replenishes itself.

Spiritually, it does the same for us. Water teaches us to ebb and flow with life. It also teaches us that, though we may go through a tough patch (a drought, if you will), we can be replenished and renewed (the rain will come again).

I think today I’m going to be mindful of the element of water and let it guide me along through the tough patches. Water always finds a way even though it might not always be a fast route.


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I hope everyone has the time to celebrate Earth Day today, even if only for a few minutes! Don’t know what to do, but want to celebrate? Grab some dishwashing gloves and head out to your favorite park with a trash bag or two and clean up! Work in your own garden or help someone you know work in theirs!

Not that mobile? Sit in your yard or a nearby park and just breathe the air, listen to the birds, and let your energy mingle with the trees around you.

Stuck inside today? Make a list of the things you’d like to get accomplished in your garden to help you keep track. Look at images of forests, gardens, trees, flowers, bumblebees (this one is a video), and so on.

Whatever you do today, may your Earth Day be blessed!



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I posted quite a few links on facebook today and I thought I’d round them up for those of you not on facebook. I don’t usually post more than one or two links in a given day, but there was a lot of good stuff out there this morning.

Plantable paper, great for Earth Day (or, I say, any gift any day)

Earth Day Celebration at Wolf Run Wildlife and Spiritual Sanctuary in Remus MI

Friends of Rupert, a free resource by the author of Rupert’s Tales for Pagan parents

The Beltane issue of Pooka Pages is out, another free resource for Pagan parents

Alright, that rounds up all the links I found today! If you’re on facebook, stop over at my page and give me a like!



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Drawing this card represents bad influences, unexpected failure, and self-destruction. Look around you to see if this manifests itself in a person or group of people. Or perhaps you are your own worst enemy as this card also represents self-punishment, subordination, and bondage.


Reversed, this card represents the throwing off of chains that bind you. You have overcome insurmountable difficulties and have begun a spiritual awakening. You are no longer afraid of yourself and are able to see the needs of others.

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