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Judgement - Rider Waite Deck

Drawing this card means judgement is at hand. Your current actions towards someone could be unfair or unkind. You should carefully consider your actions with regards to how they affect other people. There is a chance for rebirth, improvement, development, and promotion here. You must be honest with yourself to achieve success.

Reversed, this card means there will be indecision and disappointment. There is delay or procrastination and a failure to face facts. There is some kind of alienation of affections.


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When I saw the news piece on Miranda Barbour and her husband, I was disgusted by what they had done. When it was then added that she claims to the press that she’s a Satanist, I rolled my eyes and sighed. Seriously? It was so obviously some kind of attention seeking maneuver that I hoped officials realized that, too. True Satanists not only don’t murder people, but they don’t worship the devil, either. Later, as more details came out and she talked about killing bad people, my husband turned to me and said ‘Sounds like Dexter.’ (Dexter is a tv show about a serial killer who works for the police and kills bad people in his spare time, covering for himself; he is not a Satanist). Then I started to worry that not only were Satanists getting their beliefs potentially besmirched by this ridiculous game this girl was playing, but when was it going to bleed over to all Pagan religions? I hold out hope that we live in a day and age where the Satanic panic of the 90’s won’t return (I remember that, I was in my teens at the time and any teenager wearing black clothing and acting like an outsider was a Satanist…) and that this won’t bleed over into some kind of new witch hunt hysteria.

Check out Jason’s article over at The Wild Hunt concerning this and another supposed Satanic crime.

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The  Sun by Steph Law - Shadowscapes Tarot

Drawing this card signifies happiness in friendships, marriage/relationships, and simply daily existence. You are content, successful, joyful, and liberated. You appreciate the small things and you love to give of yourself to help others. You have the ability to accept life as it is and live in contentment.

Reversed, this card means that you are unhappy or lonely. There is a possible broken relationship, plans are cancelled, there is a lack of friends around you, and your future is clouded. There is a ‘silver lining’ to this reversed card, though. Your success may be currently delayed, but it is not necessarily lost.

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I love the lyrics, though warning for 3:36 there is a swear word for those who may need to be mindful of that.

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I love what Kathryn Forsyte says here. I have struggled with this, as well. Whenever I go to Wiccan or Pagan events, I am usually dressed nicely if called for or in jeans and a comfortable shirt. I don’t wear robes or cloaks or heavy makeup (unless I’m at a ren faire, but that’s for play). I don’t wear robes or cloaks for rituals, either. Those things make me uncomfortable during ritual and that’s the last place I want to feel self conscious or distracted. Anyway, she specifically discusses every day life in her article. What are your thoughts?

A Witch’s Look Doesn’t Have to Be So Dark (Does it?).

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I’m feeling a bit trapped and frozen solid with this harsh winter we’ve been having where I live. It’s so cold that going outside is dangerous. I don’t think I’ve been outside for more than 5 minutes in three weeks or more. The roads are treacherous, especially since I live out in the country where I’m lucky if the three roads that lead out of the village are passable at all. I haven’t left ‘town’ for quite some time. I’m definitely clinging to the promise of Imbolc: that Spring is on the way and I just need to hold on for a few more months! I haven’t been genuinely warm for months!

Enough complaining, though! Imbolc is the promise of Spring to come! Renewal and rebirth are around the corner and soon the cold and slumber of winter will be shaken off!

Blessed Imbolc, everyone!


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