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With Samhain on the way, this time of year reminds us of the cycle of life and death, so give yourself to the spiral dance.



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Just a quick round up of a few things posted to facebook that you may have missed if you don’t follow me on facebook.

From The Hedgewitch Cooks:

Halloween Blessing
Hail to the hordes that ride the sky
This Halloween night when the winds do cry
Dressed in a cloak with horns on his head
The wild king is here and he’s waking the dead
Within the blackness shrouded by clouds
The dark goddess stands surrounded by hounds
For she is the wisdom this pitch night
Looking deep into our souls for she has the sight
The blast of the horn calls forth the dead
The stag lord rides on with eyes glowing red
For to look into his eyes this most dread of nights
He will take our souls with the wild hunt in flight
So avoid his gaze mere mortals in fear
Stay indoors while the witches dance and cheer
For this is a night when all chaos rules
When the world in-between has not time for fools
Our magic we dance and raise the power
To bring healing and light in this most enchanted hour
Our words have meaning our hearts sing a song
Let us sit in the circle and feel the power strong
Let consciousness change with the smell of the smoke
Let us dance the round like the old country folk
Halloweens here the dark lord rules the land
Walking the forest with the goddess in hand
We welcome our dead with the lanterns we light
We sing our songs for the departed this Halloween night

(Here’s her website, if you don’t do facebook)

Some cool celestial events happening tonight and Tuesday night! Check it out!

And a pretty cool do it yourself project for an awesome autumnal conversation piece!

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