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If you have some plans, wishes, or resolutions for the upcoming new year, here are a few things that could help you along the way.

Wishing Powder

1 part Sandalwood

1 part Tonka bean

2 parts Sage

In a private place (preferably outside), hold the powder in your projective hand and visualize your wish as clearly as possible. Focus on it, see it realized. Once you feel that your energies of intent have filled the powder in your hand, throw it as far from you as you can. The energies will be released into the earth and will work for your intentions.

Herbs to Aid in Wish Manifestation
















Any quartz would be good here. Check out my quartz guide for ideas on specific quartz crystals to use.


Gather whatever of these supplies you have available to you along with a candle (any color/scent you see fit) and use them in their appropriate manner (stones around the candle, herbs in a censer, etc.) with this ritual:

Light the candle and say,

“To the old year I bid a grateful farewell. To the new year I bid a hopeful welcome.”

Take a moment now to envision the wishes/hopes/resolutions you have for the upcoming year. This would also be a good time to use the other materials you may have for this, i.e. the wishing powder, incense, or any of the herbs mentioned above. Focus and see your intentions for the new year clearly and let your visions be filled with energy. When you feel ready, continue.

“These are my wishes for the year 2015 (change year accordingly, of course). I send them out to be fulfilled. May this new year bring (change these, and any other words of this ritual as you see fit, but here are some examples) peace, happiness, and prosperity to all.”

Release your wish energies, confident that they will be fulfilled. You may now let the candle burn down completely of its own accord (be mindful of setting fires) or you may snuff it out and light it every day throughout the coming year until it is burned down. Either way, as the candle burns, the energies of your intentions will be released and will work throughout the entire year.

This is a nice ritual to do with other family members or alone. It can also be done before or during any party you may be throwing. Again, make sure the burning candle is safe.

I very specifically stuck to magical items that work for ‘wish fulfillment’ because I believe that those are good for all types of wishes, be it for good health, weight loss, or prosperity. You can then add additional magical items that focus your ritual further, like basil or clove for wealth, rosemary or peppermint for healing, apple or dragon’s blood to attract love. Again, the various quartzes would do nicely in this, as well.

Whatever your wishes and whatever your plans, I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


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The lotus, Nelumbo nucifera and other related species, has long been a sacred flower to Hindus, Buddhists, and Egyptian religions. Since it grows in the mud, but rises above that, it is symbolic of divine birth, creation itself, purity, and spiritual growth and potential. It also represents cosmic harmony and enlightenment.

The mantra ‘Om mani padme hum’ can be translated as ‘Oh jewel in the lotus flower’ and means ‘I am in you and you are in me.’ It describes the unity of all beings.

Meditate on the image of the lotus, perhaps even repeat the mantra above, to help you feel your oneness with the universe and to help you on your path to spiritual enlightenment.



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I really like this song. It has a very mystical feel to it. Check out James Radcliffe’s blog here.


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I hope everyone has a warm and blessed Christmas Eve! To add to your festivities, I’ve rounded up a few links and a video.

Track Santa’s Travels

Empty Reindeer Barn (I particularly like watching the turkeys strut around with the reindeer gone lol Oh, and I think you may be able to rewatch Santa’s earlier take off at 7pm)


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I’ve noticed this past week that the internet and the world are filled with evil holiday trolls. You have probably seen a few yourself. They are the people who, after someone wishes them ‘Happy Holidays’, insist on making a huge point of how it’s ‘supposed’ to be ‘Merry Christmas’ and how dare you say otherwise. By wishing them good will and cheer for the holiday season you have besmirched their religious beliefs which are, of course, far superior and more correct than yours. Not only do they take your felicitations as a personal insult, they use it as a battering ram to beat the words ‘Merry Christmas’ into your face. To all of those people I say, ‘Happy Holidays.’




You see, I grew up in a multicultural family and at any one time, multiple family members were quite possibly celebrating not only holidays from around the world, but from multiple religions, as well. So, whenever I heard ‘Happy Holidays’ growing up, I always assumed that not only did it include everyone’s different holiday activities, it also included New Year’s. When I say ‘Happy Holidays’ I am also including the New Year in that verbal wish for goodness and light.

It’s disappointing to me that there are people out there so stuck in their own little worlds, believing that the world revolves around them and only their traditions and beliefs are right, that they would vehemently throw back good wishes into people’s faces. By doing such wicked and ignorant things, they only show everyone around them what hateful and spiteful beings they are. So, if you encounter anyone this holiday season who throws your good wishes back at you, just smile at them, nod, and spread your goodness and light to someone else. I do, however, hope that you don’t encounter any of these people and that you have a blessed and beautiful holiday!



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There are a lot of recipes out there for incense for Yule. My favorite is a nice, basic one from Scott Cunningham.

2 parts Frakincense

2 parts Pine needles or resin

1 part Cedar

1 part Juniper berries

Mix these together and smolder on a charcoal tablet. You can also grind them together if you want an even consistency and a thorough mixing or you can leave them as they are for a more rustic look and feel. This mix will serve to cleanse the home and help you maintain a link to nature while you might be stuck inside due to the cold winter weather.

Do you have a favorite Yule or Winter incense recipe? I’d love if you’d share it!

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December is definitely Santa’s month, so in honor of the jolly old elf, I’ve rounded up some fun facts and images about Santa to share with you.



Why is Santa’s suit red and white?


Some fun reindeer facts.

Why is Rudolph’s nose red? Is he sick?



The origin of Santa as we know him today.




For me, Santa is a representation of the Lord of the deep woods during winter. He is a bringer of light, warmth, and joy during the coldest time of the year.

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