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So, I’m up early this morning, my mind filled with ideas for a vlog. I’ve always wanted to do one, but was never really sure what I would do for each vlog ‘episode’ (?). Perhaps something similar to what I write here, but with me talking instead of typing? Maybe an amalgamation of the two with a post written here and then the fundamentals talked about in a vlog. Or, perhaps, the meat of the idea talked about in a vlog with notes written here. I’m not sure. Any ideas out there in cyberspace?


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Wow! Some absolutely beautiful nature photographs on this site. Check her out!

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In my home state of Michigan, February through April is the time we start to see baby squirrels.  As someone who works in the animal medical field, it is also the time the calls about people finding ‘helpless’ and ‘abandoned’ baby squirrels come in. Most of the time, these squirrels are not abandoned, though some may have legitimately fallen out of trees. Their mothers usually come back to get them and will gather them up and carry them back to the nest. If you have to cut down a tree and discover a nest of baby squirrels in it, follow the guidelines in the infographic below and put them near where the tree was so the mother can find them and take them to a new nesting site.



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Here’s a blog post from SageWoman blogs that struck a chord with me. I’ve never thought about it this way before. “Embrace your own darkness, honor it with dance or song. Spend time sitting in the dark and silence, and thank that part of you that holds anger, sorrow, envy, and guilt. These are not easy things to hold, and at times these parts of ourselves can be a strength or the motivation we need.”

I have always said that I wouldn’t change my past, not even the worst, most painful parts of it, because it has made me who I am today and I’m pretty proud of who I have become (and who I continue to become). Through all the garbage that was my childhood, I used anger to fuel me. I had to be strong and independent to survive and anger is a fire that burns bright and hot and can keep you going through even the most terrible of times. I had never thought to honor that inside me. I’ve always struggled to control it, to only use it when I needed it the most and not to let it get out of control, but I’ve never celebrated it. Thanks to that anger, I survived and came out better off than other people whose childhoods were similar to mine.

While I still need to make sure I’m not throwing my anger all over the place and letting it get out of control, I like the idea of honoring it. Somehow it helps make the anger hurt less. It feels like it almost helps to calm it.

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If you’ve read my blog for a while, you may have figured out that I’m from Michigan. Tahquamenon is one of my favorite places to go in this beautiful state I live in. It’s a spiritual, beautiful, welcoming place. It’s like going home.


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